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Do I qualify for a Short Sale?


  • Do you think you owe more on your property than it is worth, especially after past due payments, unpaid taxes, closing costs, etc?

  • Are you having difficulty covering your expenses each month?

  • Do you have less money coming in than what is going out on a monthly basis?

  • Are you finding yourself not having money in the bank to cover the difference of what you could sell your home for and what you owe the bank?

Are you having trouble making your monthly payments?

  • Feeling the stress mounting with each missed payment and phone calls from your bank?
  • Have difficulty covering your expenses each month?
  • Getting confused as to what your options are at this point?

Sheriff Sale Date Approaching?

We still can help, but you MUST call us right away.  We have a few programs that could help you if a foreclosure date is near.




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