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 Our Short Sale Specialists Can Help You Achieve a Fresh Start

Having difficulty making your mortgage payments?
Do you want lenders to stop calling?
Do you want to dispose of your debt?
Your mortgage adjusts soon and you cannot afford to pay the new rate?
Want to sell your house but there is not enough equity?
Do you want a fresh start?

Regardless of your circumstances, we have powerful solutions available.  Bert Gor is the leading short sale Real Estate Agent in Northern Illinois.

For a FREE consultation please call Bert Gor directly at 877-335-2040 or 630-842-6000.

What is Real Estate Short Sale?

Short Sale, also called "Short Pay" or "Pay Off," is a process by which a lender agrees to receive a lower amount of an owed debt in exchange for the sale of the property to a third party, usually at no cost to the borrower.

All our services are TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Bert Gor may even help you prevent the downgrading of your credit scores while providing you A FRESH START. 

Default situations are time-sensitive; trying to avoid dealing with the situation is simply unwise – contact Bert Gor today!

Market Conditions Effect on Homeowners

The real estate marketplace has undergone dramatic changes in years. More and more homeowners are finding themselves in homes they can no longer afford and or which are now worth less than what is owed. In many cases, this was made worse by mortgage rate adjustments which lead to payment increases. As a result, borrowers are unable to pay their mortgages, and default rates have skyrocketed.

Even borrowers who are capable of paying their mortgage are under a great deal of pressure. They do not want to continue paying a mortgage on a property worth less than what they owe.

Common Characteristics

What many homeowners share is that they know very little about the various solutions available to them. Another common characteristic is that many of them are not proactive in resolving their problem.


Not being proactive under these circumstances is quite risky given the severe consequences following mortgage default, especially given the long-lasting impact from the information which remains on the credit report for years.
Lack of knowledge regarding available solutions shouldn’t be a deterrent in motivating property owners to actively seek a solution.

What we Offer

Bert Gor has formed a consulting solution that can help protect homeowners. We knew that we could help homeowners avoid the negative consequences that follow mortgage default and help them protect their credit. We have successfully negotiated Short Sales for homeowners that had 1 loan and a shortage of only $3000 to sellers that had 3 loans and had over a $1Million shortage.

There is no magical fix. However, there are very powerful solutions a homeowner is very likely to qualify for. Finding a solution that is appropriate and that will be approved is vitally important. Why? The answer is that time and other constraints usually allow for only one attempt. That is exactly where our expertise comes into play. We help homeowners identify the best solution and then negotiate with the lender on their behalf.

Lenders negotiate aggressively and are very powerful when they negotiate directly with the borrower. Having experts in your corner is invaluable and will put you, the borrower, in a much stronger negotiating position.

Our Services include:

• Presenting a solution to the lender and negotiating favorable terms
• Allowing the borrower and her/his family to get a fresh start
• Expediting the process with a fast resolution.

Our success rate is among the highest in the industry. All of our services are FREE OF CHARGE to the borrower and our consultation services are absolutely FREE.

For a FREE consultation please call toll free — 877-335-2040.




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